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Hangzhou in eastern China will host the G20 summit in 2016. The city is famous for the beautiful West Lake, and in recent years, has become a hub for booming Internet businesses. Now it's gearing up for preparations next year's summit.

A new honor for a city with thousands of years of history. Hangzhou city in eastern China's Zhejiang Province will be the hosting city of the G20 Summit next year.

The building behind me is the venue of next year's G20 summit. It will host leaders from the G20 countries and come under the global spotlight. The exterior construction has been finished, and workers are working around the clock to finish the interior and decoration.

The venue was initially designed for international exhibitions and meetings. It will be upgraded for hosting such a high level event.

"Its design and construction need to be adjusted to meet the Summit's requirements, such as the acoustic system of the meeting rooms, rest areas for leaders, and the security system. All work has to be finished by August next year," Xue Xiaoyong, deputy chief architect with Hangzhou Olympic & Int'l Expo Center, said.

Hangzhou is famous for its beautiful scenery that brings in millions of tourists every year. In the past decade, it has made a name by being the hotbed to nurture China's Internet start-ups. these include Internet giant Alibaba which is headquartered in the city.

"Beijing and Shanghai have hosted many important international meetings. China wants to show different places to the world this time. I think the topics for next year's G20 Summit will be about the global connectivities amid an open and innovative economic backdrop. As one of the leading cities of the Internet businesses in China, Hangzhou is an ideal venue," Liu Jun, dean of East China Normal University, said.

Locals are excited and have a high expectation of the coming event.

"Hangzhou is planning to become a global hub for e-commerce, cloud computing and big data, as well as the Internet of Things. We will make the most out of the G20 Summit, and speed up this aspiration," Yang Xiaoyong, deputy director of Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Econ. & Info Tech, said.

"The atmosphere and supporting facilities of Hangzhou are very encouraging for Internet startups. That's why we set up our incubator projects here. I believe the Summit will bring more global opportunities to us," Fu Zhijian, founder of Beehive, said.

The leaders from the G20 countries will gather again in Hangzhou. The Chinese city will pull out all the stops to impress the world.

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