FENG Shaolei:We should always have the chance to hear different voices

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We should always have the chance to hear different voices

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17:04 05/12/2011
 FENG Shaolei

The current situation in the Asia Pacific region is really interesting. Firstly, at this session of the Russian-Chinese section of the Valdai Club, both Chinese and Russian scholars displayed a strong interest in the changes and new developments emerging in international relations at global and regional levels.  There was a particular focus on Russian-Chinese bilateral relations.

Secondly, another interesting topic appeared in the course of our discussion, i.e. how we can promote regional organizations, such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Union, etc. I think this is of crucial importance for this region, as are the relations between these organizations in the future.  This is a subject which we should continue to discuss.

Thirdly, new topics for discussion emerged, such as “Project Siberia and the Far East,” as suggested by the Russian participants.  I think this an important, even historically significant, issue.  We, the Chinese scholars, should take an active role in these discussions.  In the last decades we have heard a variety of opinions about the exploration of the Far East and Siberia, but this time the situation looks completely different.

Within this context, Russia’s domestic situation will most probably become more stable compared to previous decades.   Furthermore, the situation in Asia has changed dramatically. Keeping this in mind, we should be able to better understand the historical chances not only for Russian-Chinese bilateral relations, but also for regional and even global affairs.  For these reasons also, we should consider all these issues.

Experts from other countries (India, Japan and Singapore) joined us for the first time at this session. For the future development of our Russian-Chinese section, we as an international discussion club should have more open and transparent debates. This is a   fundamental characteristic of our working process.  It is also important for the future interaction between different institutions. We should have the chance to hear different voices. This situation will be beneficial both for our current work and for how we operate in the future.


Feng Shaolei is the Dean, School of Advanced International and Area Studies, East China Normal University, Member of Executive Board, Development and Support Fund for Valdai Discussion Club.

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