央视网:Studio interview: China, Russia enhance economic relations

Source: CCTV network

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For more insights, joining us live are Zhang Xin, research fellow from East China Normal University, and Pavel Felgenhauer, a defense analyst in Russia.

Q1: Mr Zhang. In the China-Russia natural gas deal, the estimated price per thousand cubic meters is 350 to 400 US dollars. Some say that’s higher than the average price for China to import natural gas from Central Asia. Why has China chosen to import natural gas from Russia?

Q2: Mr Felgenhauer, high on Premier Li Keqiang’s agenda for this visit to Russia is enhancing the economic ties. What impact on ties will major projects like the natural gas pipeline and the high speed rail have?

Q3: The last question is for both of you. What does the cooperation between the most populous country and the largest country mean to the world? Does the China-Russia relationship counter-balance the United States’ so-called "Pivot to Asia" strategy as well as the West’s sanctions against Russia?

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