3nd Annual Workshop for Young Academic Elites

China-Russia Joint Institute, East China Normal University

3nd Annual Workshop for Young Academic Elites

December 7-13, 2016, Shanghai

With strong support from the Ministry of Education, under the framework of the China-Russia Joint Institute, the School of Advanced International and Area Studies at East China Normal University will hold the third annual international workshop for young academic elites in December 2016 in Shanghai.

Workshop Theme

“Reflections Post-Soviet Transition +25”

Workshop Objectives

As unpredictable as the Soviet collapse came to be, so have the transition trajectories of post-communism in the past quarter of century amongst the former Soviet republics and post-communist states of the formerly “Eastern bloc”. Countries in the eastern bloc since 1991 have presented diverging performances in economic development and social and political transformation. This workshop aims at bringing together the most up-to-date scholarship to make sense of such diverging trajectories in the post-communist world.

Possible themes to be covered by the workshop include:

  • Is the basic concept of “transition” still relevant?
  • How did initial conditions, institutions and policy choices influence the diverging trajectories of transition experiences?
  • How did the objective perception of the transition experience among both the elites and the mass change over time?
  • What are the relations between political transitions and economic development in transition economies?
  • How didkey international factors (e.g. 9/11, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq/Syria, U.S.-Russia rivalry) determine the fate of transition countries?
  • What lessons can we learn from the transition experiences in way of contributing to both social science theory and real world political choices?


The third annual workshop will be taking place in Shanghai, December 7-13, 2016. The working language of the workshop is English. The workshop will consist of:

  • Senior experts’ master lectures
  • Group discussion with both senior scholars and students
  • Students’ presentation of their own work
  • Visits to local institutions in Shanghai
  • Field trip outside of Shanghai


The workshop is open to master and doctoral students from all around the world. Participation is both by invitation and by application. There are no tuition fees for students. The organizers will cover admitted students’ local accommodation and meals during the workshop (including the field trip outside of Shanghai) while students will arrange their own transportation to Shanghai. The organizers will assist the students to apply for Chinese visa if necessary.










  继前两届中俄青年学术精英讲习班全面审视了“欧亚空间”、“欧亚主义”等概念的历史、文化与当代政策含义之后,2016年第三届中俄青年学术精英讲习班将聚焦苏联解体25年以来在前东方阵营内部的转型表现和多样性,比较总结转型经验。 来自中国、俄罗斯、欧洲的资深学者、专家将与来自中俄以及来自欧亚空间内多国的青年学术精英围绕讲习班主题展开多层次、多学科的讨论交流。讲习班将于2016年12月7-13日在华东师范大学举行。


  • “转型”概念和相关话语体系是否仍然有效?
  • 初始条件、制度和政策选择在决定不同转型经验中起到怎样的作用?
  • 精英和大众对于转型体验的主观认知如何发生变化?
  • 转型经济中政治变迁与经济发展之间呈现怎样的关系?
  • 外部因素(诸如9-11、阿富汗战争、叙利亚战争、恐怖主义和美俄冲突)如何影响转型国家的命运?
  • 25年的转型经验对于社会科学和未来的政治实践可以提供怎样的启发和贡献?


  • 资深学者大师课
  • 青年学者发表自己的研究成果
  • 集体讨论
  • 在上海地区的参观访问
  • 上海以外的研修调查









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